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Your College Degree Is Probably Useless. Dry Bar Comedy

Your college degree is probably useless, and take it from the folks at Dry Bar Comedy, they have a lot of experience with useless degrees. Whether you’re someone who majored in english, or one of a thousand useless degrees this Dry Bar Comedy compilation is sure to make you question your educational choices while keeping you laughing along the way.

Comedians featured in this compilation include:
Dave Dyer, Chris Strait, Tyler Boeh, Rodney Norman, Dylan Mandlsohn, Michael Palascak, Mary Mack, John Deming, Helene Angley, Don Friesen, Andrew Hobbs, Dave Burleigh, Andy Beningo, Jamie Lissow, Drew Allen, Jason Love, Kim Kerley, Alex Velluto, Tony Deyo.

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