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“I picked you up like a virus” Tim Minchin’s Love Song | You Grew On Me | Universal Comedy

Here is the romantic side to Tim Minchin, and his song about what love means to him.

To help you through your self-isolation or quarantined state, here’s an anthem from the genius songwriter and star of Jesus Christ Superstar, Tim Minchin.


Taken from his 2008 special F*cking Rock.

You grew on me like a tumour
And you spread through me like malignant melanoma
And now you’re in my heart
I should’ve cut you out back at the start
Now I’m afraid there’s no cure for me
No dose of emotional chemotherapy
Can halt my pathetic decline
I should’ve had you removed back when you were benign
I picked you up like a virus
Like meningococcal meningitis
Now I can’t feel my legs
When you’re around I can’t get out of bed
I’ve left it too late to risk an operation
I know there’s no hope of a clean amputation
The successful removal of you
Would probably kill me, too
You grew on me like carcinoma
Crept up on me like untreated glaucoma
Now I find it hard to see
This untreated dose of you has blinded me
I should’ve consulted my local physician
I’m stuck now forever with this tunnel vision
My periphery is screwed
Wherever I look now, all I see is you
When we first met you seemed fickle and shallow
But my armour was no match for your poison arrow
You are wedged inside my chest
If I tried to take you out now I might bleed to death
I’m feeling short of breath
You grew on me like a tumour
And you spread through me like malignant melanoma
I guess I never knew
How fast a little mole can grow… on… you

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