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Buying Nylons Is Like Doing Complex Algebra. Helene Angley

Buying nylons is like doing complex algebra especially if you’re as tall as Helene Angley. Whether you’re stretching out a new pair of nylons, or just trying to fins a pair that fit Helene Angley’s description of nylon shopping is sure to keep you laughing from beginning to end. Watch “Queen Size” by Helene Angley […]

Not Every Child Is Smart. Helene Angley

Not every child is smart, and according to Helene Angley, you’re going to have some dumb ones. Whether it’s not knowing what the symbol at target means, or not knowing that you can actually go inside a bank these hilarious stories from Helene Angley’s full Dry Bar Comedy special are sure to keep you laughing […]

30 Years If Marriage Is No Joke. Helene Angley

30 years of marriage is no joke, trust us Helene Angley has been through it! Whether it’s hiding your husbands ugly T-shirt at the back of the closet, or having passive arguments about the clean laundry in the basket at the bottom of the stairs, making it through 30 years of love can be exhausting […]

Don’t Believe The Cuban Stereotypes. Jose Sarduy

Don’t believe the Cuban Stereotypes, because as Jose Sarduy will tell you, the majority of them are not true, for him at least. Whether it’s looking like your latino, or whether you’re a good swimmer, the Cuban Stereotypes are getting out of hand as you’ll hear in this clip from Jose Sardy’s full Dry Bar […]

Too Ugly For Comedy. Bengt Washburn – Full Special

whether you’re too ugly for comedy, or just plain butt ugly, this Dry Bar comedy special from Bengt Washburn is for you! In this full Dry Bar Comedy special Bengt breaks down his 26 year run as a stand up comedian, and what it means to be good looking in the business. Whether it’s jokes […]

Your Wife Really Wants You To Get In Shape. Drew Barth

Your wife really wants you to get in shape, or at least Drew Barth’s wife wants him to get in shape. Whether it’s looking to big like a football player, or just the right size like a soccer player, your wife will let you know what type of “in shape” she would like you to […]

Essential Oils Are Essential. Kristin Key – Full Special

This full Dry Bar Comedy Special From Kristin Key is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish. Whether it’s talking about her love for crochet, or the weird people who found love at the reptile store, Kristin Key’s musical blend of comedy is sure to be something you’ll enjoy and want to share […]

You Can Always Spot The Cheerleader. Susan Jones

You can always spot the cheerleader according to Susan Jones, even years later, you can spot them in a crowd. Whether it’s passive aggressive cheerleading, or surviving on a tropical island on reality TV, Susan Jones is sure to keep you laughing in this clip from her full Dry Bar Comedy Special. Watch “Lady Ha […]

Halloween In A Big Family. Fred Klett

Nothing is more exciting than Halloween in a big family, just ask Fred Klett. In this clip from Fred Klett’s full Dry Bar Comedy special Fred breaks down the joys of growing up in a big family, but the even bigger joy of Halloween. Watch “One of Ten” by Fred Klett only at http://www.drybarcomedy.com/fredk If […]

Nobody Cares About Their Second Kid. David Dyer – Full Special

Nobody cares about their second kid, whether it’s about what kind of world we leave behind for them, or whether we see them wandering towards an outlet with a fork, the second child just isn’t quite as cared for. Whether you’re a second child, or a third or a first, this full Dry Bar Comedy […]

Don’t Be Too Confident. Richard Sarvate

Don’t be too confident, because that can make life super weird and awkward, especially if you’re Richard Sarvate! Whether it’s meeting people with wet hands, or assuming the dare program is just like real life over confidence can lead to some pretty awkward situations. In this clip from his full Dry Bar Comedy special Richard […]

Comedian Debunks Evolution. Reno Collier – Full Special

This Comedian Debunks evolution! The theory of evolution is stupid according to Reno Collier, whether it’s a bunch of monkeys deciding they want to evolve into man or sending monkeys into space this hilarious look into how science isn’t real is sure to keep you laughing from beginning to end! If you enjoyed this full […]